Shimming the Glass House

by Helen Wallace “In her first book, Helen Wallace rexplores a range of subjects with lush language and a formal deftness that are deeply gratifying. If there is a presiding theme here, it is the tension between our ‘struggle for precision’ and the poignant fact of the imperfection all around and within us. Whether celebrating domestic life or evoking global concerns, Wallace captures the beauty in what is flawed and the flaw in what is beautiful. ‘So much of what we love is born of loss,’ she tells us. And while the world Wallace renders is a broken one, in these poems it has been honed ot brightness on the strop of her passionate sensibility. This is a wonderful debut.”

— Enid Shomer

“Like Robert Frost’s, these poems have a lover’s quarrel with the world. Their words and music throw light over dark places, and find meanings and leanings in the smallest details. Helen Wallace’s first book is a remarkably wise and moving collection.”

— Peter Meinke

“The poems in this wonderful book have roots deep in the old, silent America: Dickinson’s bedroom, Thoreau’s little patch by the pond. Yet life thrives here in all its gorgeous and messy abundance; there are chearleaders, tacos, a sixth grade science fair; the ‘sprayed turret’ of a beehive hairdo. These are the loudest quiet poems I’ve ever read.”

— David Kirby

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